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Introduction - Store Setup Information And Data Input

Onboarding Steps - Your quick start guide on how to setup your store, information and data input. Follow these onboarding tutorial guides:


Site Company Info

This is for internal purposes.   This information is your overall Company Information with the Main POC (usually Owner/CEO or Main Contact Person)


Site Config Email Configuration

These email addresses are for official company communications.  Sales orders go to this email address; Purchase Orders go to the Purchasing Department POC; etc


Authorized User Listing

Authorized User Listing is who is authorized admin access, and what within Admin they have Access to.  This can only be accessed with the overall site admin username/password.


Site Messages

Site Messages are what your customer sees of you!  These are HUGE!  The quality of these directly relates to your customers perception of the quality of work you do!  Make sure these are good.  Many of our customers use people on FIVERR to create these for very affordable rates.  https://www.fiverr.com/msrsuvo is one who has created emails for multiple of our clients.


Apparel Markups

For our Promo Apparel Websites.  Setting your Margin Markups for the Blank Apparel companies is extremely important if you want to stay competitive.  It is fairly easy, especially if you use markup rules!


Decoration Methods

For our Promo Apparel Websites.  Setting the pricing for your Decoration Methods is required.  What are you charging for these services?
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Sales Tax - Avalara

With new tax laws, this section has come into focus much more as of late.  You can manually take care of your tax rates, or you can hit the easy button and sign up for Avalara.  Speak with your WebJaguar PM about setting up an introductory call with Avalara about how they can help with your tax needs.


Shipping Settings

Setting up shipping is a piece of cake.  Input your information, select what shipping options you want to provide, and you are set!


Credit Card Payment Methods

Speak with your PM about what Credit Card Processing Providers we already have integrations for.  If you wish to use an alternate option, there may be costs associated with getting it implemented.



Accounting Integration

Below is a quick link to our QuickBooks Online Integration Guide, that will detail the following steps:

  • Initial configuration
  • Item and product configuration
  • Payment terms
  • Payment methods
  • Final connection

View our QuickBooks online integration guide (click here)

WebJaguar offers other Accounting/ERP integrations as well, please contact your PM or Sales Person for more info.



Customer Database

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