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How to install ShareThis social media share buttons to your site layout?

Here is an example of how ShareThis appears on a website with Sticky Share Buttons: 

To setup an account with ShareThis at: https://sharethis.com/


Add To Your Site In 3 Easy Steps:

  1. On ShareThis website - Cchoose your type of buttons

  2. On ShareThis website - Customize your design

  3. Add ShareThis code to your site

Step 1: Choose Your Type Of Buttons (on ShareThis website):

  • Inline Share Buttons

  • Sticky Share Buttons

Step 2: Customize Your Design (on ShareThis website):

You can choose to install share buttons from 40 of the most popular social channels.


Step 3: Add ShareThis Code To Your Site

Visit Admin > Layout > Head Tag

You can also add this to your Product Layout.

Visit Admin > Layout > Product > Header HTML Code:

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