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How to install a 3rd party template into WebJaguar platform?

If you purchase a 3rd party template, you can follow the steps below to integrate the template into either your WebJaguar (yourwebsite.com) website or Multi-Store (store.yourwebsite.com).

How to convert your HTML layout / template into WebJaguar.com

Step 1: User upload assets and images onto FTP

Make sure to update all the link conventions in your template file code, to point to the correct folder paths on the server where you copy your assets and images. .

Step 2: Visit Admin > Layout.

Copy code headtag from template into Layout Head tag

Step 3: Copy header from template into Layout Top Bar area

Step 4: Copy footer from template into Layout Footer area

Step 5: Regarding home page content, find home page category on your site and paste the design code into the HTMLand copy the home page code into the category

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