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How To Create A CRM Form?

Learn all about our built-in and fully featured CRM module that includes a powerful Form Builder and Lead Generation Tool to help with your marketing and advertising campaign efforts and ultimately track where your leads are coming from. Track Google Adwords, social media, blog referrals, affiliate channel links and more...



From the Admin > CRM (tab) you can manage:

• Accounts

• Contacts

• Forms

• Fields

• Groups

To create a CRM form, click on Admin > CRM > Forms

Click Add, to create a new form. There are 5 steps to create the form:

Input information into the following form fields:




  • Name: You can add any name here to recognize your form in the admin form list
  • Recipient’s Email: enter the form recipient’s email address here
  • CC: you can add carbon copy email here
  • BCC: you can add blind carbon copy email here
  • Text Message: select a site email message to be sent to the user upon form submission
  • Return URL: enter a landing URL to send the user after they submit their form data
  • Action URL: this form URL is pre-filled
  • Number of Fields: enter the number of fields you would like your form to have
  • Event Registration: checking this will begin an event registration for the user after filling out the form
  • Pages: you can enter how many pages you want your form to be. Some forms that capture a lot of information can be organized by multiple pages
  • Captcha: checking this will enable a Captcha security code on your form




1. Field Names: enter the field names of your form.

2. Page: select what page they belong on (if multiple pages were selected)

3. Map To: map your form fields to pre-existing or custom fields

4. Field Type: select the type of form field you would like this to be:

  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Drop Down List
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • Attachment
  • Validation

This setup is for Webjaguar branch sites only. Not for promo sites.

5. Required: select Yes or No to make this field required




Review your fields to double check all looks correct




  • Double OptIn: checkmark this, if you would like to allow the form submitter to receive an email notification asking them if they were the one who filled out the form data. This protects against unwanted email submissions or spam. The user must reply to the email sent to them to confirm.
  • Header: add html code here to show above the form
  • Footer: add html code here to show below the form
  • Send Button: enter the button label name here (ie. Submit, Enter, etc…)




  • Code: here you will copy the form code. This can be pasted to your website page of choice
  • Form Preview: the preview shows an example of how the form appears
  • Save or Update Form: click save or update form Delete: deletes the form

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