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How do I add a category?

Log in to Admin, expand Catalog tab and click on Categories.

On the categories page, click on New Category under Actions tab.

From here, you can configure information and settings for the category:

  • Category Info (tab) - here you can input basic category information, such as:
    • Category Name (required) - The category name will exist on the URL.  Special characters are not recommended (For instance "/","%","@","&")
    • Redirect URL - the url inputted here, will redirect this category to the url. Special characters are not recommended (For instance "/","%","@","&")
    • HTML Code - the html code section allows you to input category information, text and images.

  • Layout (tab) – here you can configure the category layout and display options.


  • Options (tab) – here you can configure other category options, such as "Protected Level".


  • Category Link / Image (tab) – here you can upload the category images and thumbnails, and choose an image display mode.



In addition to this, you can see other tabs under More options.

  • SEO
  • Message
  • Dynamic Fields
  • Language - Spanish / French

When complete, click “Add Category" on the bottom left of the page, and the category will be added to the category list.

For more information on customizing and editing categories, refer to the Knowledge Base article Basics of the Category Manager .


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