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How do I access and manage photos on the FTP server from HTML Editor

 With HTML Editor, you can only upload and download images one-at-a-time from the server. If you wish to be able to delete, as well as upload folders and multiple images, you should use an FTP program or application to access the FTP server.

For more information, refer to the KB article, How do I access and manage photos on the FTP server (from an FTP program)?.

Whenever you can access HTML Editor, such as in a large data entry box, you will be able to access photos on the FTP server. The following example deals with using HTML Editor for a product's description:

To edit the product description, click on Catalog > Products.

Select any Product

After choosing a Product, go to Description tab and find the Long Description field.

Now click on the Insert/Edit Image icon

In the Image Properties window, click on Browse Server to access images on the server from a new window.

After selecting an image, its URL will be displayed in the URL field. If you already know the URL at which an image is located on the FTP server, then you may input that into this field.

To add an image to the server, click Browse... which allows you to choose an image located on your computer or local area network.

There are some important recommendations for file type and size. The image should be in GIF or JPEG format and less than two megabytes. If you have Photoshop or another image editing program, it is recommended to use the Save for Web option (in the File menu). This will make the file size smaller while retaining the quality and help your images load faster.

After selecting an image, click Upload to upload images to the folder.

To create a new folder, click Create New Folder and type the name of the new folder.

To select and use an image that is on the FTP server, click on it and then click OK when you return to the Image Properties window.


For more information, refer to the KB article, How do I edit images from the Image Properties window when using HTML Editor? .

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