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Creating an Account

Click on the Login or the Register link on the Homepage.

  • If you click on the Login link, it will take you to the login screen (below)
  • Select Create New Account 

3. Once you are at the New Account Creation page, input your Email Address and create a Password.

  • The email address will be your username as well.

4. Next input your personal/business information.

  • This will be your default address for billing and shipping
  • You can update this information through your My Account page after logging and also add additional addresses for use later.

5. Under the Tax Information section, if you have a Tax Exempt Status, please input the information here and email proof to the company to keep on record.

  • If you are not tax exempt, please leave blank.

6. After this, select Next Step.

7. Verify that your information is correct, upon verification, you can Change, or Select Register.

8. After Registering, you should receive a welcome email at the specified email address.

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