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How to take a CRM lead and convert to customer?




Visit Admin > CRM > Contacts

From the CRM contact list, find the contact that you would like to convert

Mouseover the Contact Name and click on Edit


Here, you must edit 3 areas in the contact details:

  1. Account Name – if the Account Name is labeled "Leads", you will need to change it to the Company Name of the Contact. If the Company Name already exists in the database, it will pre-fill as you type in the name.
  2. Email 1 - Make sure there is a valid email under the field "Email 1". You can use http://tools.email-checker.com/ to check the validity of the email address.
  3. Address Information – click the Address Information (tab) and fill out the appropriate fields:
  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country



Finally, in order to convert the CRM contact into a Customer, follow these two steps:

  1.  Find your customer in the Contact List, click on “checkbox” in the Customer column, as shown below:
  2. Once checked, then you will be transferred to this page. Here you will need to assign and confirm a password for your customer. Once complete, click Add Customer to save.

You are complete; you have now converted a lead into a customer.

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