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How do I add email credits?

How do I add email credits?

To use our built-in CRM, you will need to fill your email credits before sending. Follow these steps below to add email credits to your account:

       1. Login to your WebJaguar Admin

       2. Hover over More in the header and click on Email Manager

       3. Click on Buy Credit in the lefthand side

       4. At the top, you can see your remaining available credits, and the cost per email per 1000.

       5. Fill in all of the information and then click Buy on the bottom left.


You're all set!

Click here to learn how you can view stats about your email credits like who last purchased them, how much, date purchased etc.


If you are having challenges adding email credits, please send a ticket to our webdev team.

Click here to learn how to quickly submit a support ticket.

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