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How do I add a customer to a customer group?

How Do I Add A Customer To A Customer Group?

Adding customers to segmented customer groups is an important part of email marketing. With your WebJaguar admin, you are able to add a customer to different customer groups at the same time. As well as remove them from several groups at the same time. Another feature is removing them from one group and moving them over to another.

Follow the following steps to learn how to add, remove, and move a customer to a customer group:

  1.  Login to your WebJaguar Admin

        2. In your Header click on Customers

       3. Click on Customer Groups to get the ID of your desired customer group

a. If you need help creating a Customer Group, click here to learn how.


       4. After you have your Customer Group ID, find the customer or customers you'd like to add and click on the  

           box by their name.

a. You can find your customers with the filter on the lefthand side.

b. You can search by Account Name, First Name, Company etc.

       5. After selecting the customer or customers you'd like to add, click on the Options bar

       6. Enter your Customer Group ID #

       7.Click on what option you want, Add, Remove, or Move

a. If you have filitered it to mass add a certain group of customers at the same time, make sure to select All

       8. Click Apply under Group ID

a. Make sure you click the Apply button that is under Group ID.


You're all set, check back under Customer Groups to confirm your contacts were added.


If you are having issues assing, removing or moving your customers to customer groups, please send a ticket to our webdev team.

Click here to learn how to quickly submit a support ticket.

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