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What is the Product Report?

Here, you can view a tally of all Product SKUs purchased from all orders transacted on your site. You can sort the data by clicking on the respective column heading.

Visit Admin > Report > Product Report


  • SKU: This column will show the SKU of all products purchased
  • Order Number: this column shows the Order Number that is associated with the purchase of the SKU
  • Bill To: this column shows purchaser’s full name. The information is gathered from the billing to customer name

  • Order Date: this column shows the date the Product SKU was purchased
  • Status: here you will see the current status of the order
  • Sales Rep: If a Sales Rep was linked with an order, their name will show in this column
  • Date Shipped: If the order has been shipped, you will see the shipped date here
  • Shipping Method: here you will see the shipping method used
  • Company: here you will see the company name, if associated with the billing to company name
  • Qty: here you will see a quantity of SKU that was purchased on the associated order
  • Unit Price: here you will see the unit price of the SKU on the associated order
  • Sub Total: here you will see the Sub Total of this SKU purchased on the associated order.


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