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What is the "My List" feature, and how is it used?

My List is a feature that is mainly for wholesalers that is used to store things in a particular list that you want to buy later.

Generally, when you add things to the cart, you have to buy all of them while checking out even if you don't want them immediately.

So this My List feature ease this at the various level by allowing you to save things for the future purchase instead of coming back and finding things you saw last time.

Another best use of this feature is that you can create multiple lists at a time by creating categories and making the whole process highly flexible and time-saving.

This feature is developed mainly to help and is an automatically generated list that consists of previous orders made by the customer for easy re-ordering. 

On the Store Manager, click on Customers.

Select an existing customer and choose My List  from the links that appear below the customer's name.

On the frontend, you can access this feature from here.

You can see you list through View My List and can create and access multiple lists through View Group List feature.



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