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How to setup Google Base Feed?

  1. Create a category of the products you want to sell on Google Shopping (maybe called it Google Shopping Products)… and SUBMIT only this category to google.
  2. Assign the products you want to send to Google to this Category.- Submit sellable products only, which means you should not submit parent or grand-parent SKu’s.  Only add the Children SKU’s to the Category.
  3. Once you have added all of the SKU’s to your Category, visit the Google Base Feed (Tab), click on Google Base Filter and add the Category ID number you created in the above steps.  Click Update.

  5. Setup the Google Base Configuration (Tab):  Here you will see different options, majority of them are set for you.  You have the option to send other data, in the drop-down menus you may select from our pre-defined values or you may enter in a default value.  Be sure to follow Google’s guidelines when entering default values.

  7. Then Click on Google Base Data Feed and generate the new Feed, either by FTP or File.  Depending on your setup.  


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