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How do Promotions work?

Promotions are coupon codes that customers use when checking out to get a discount or a fixed amount off their purchase. Refer to the following steps to get Promotions up and running quickly:

  1. The first step is to create the Promotion. The best resource for this step is the Knowledge Base article - How do I create and customize a Promotion?

  2. Once this is set up, all customers need to do is input the promotion code at their order checkout, and they will receive the discount.  Restrictions apply, which may include minimum order amount, eligible date, one time use per customer.

    The screenshot below displays ABC in this field in the Preliminary Invoice page of the checkout process. From here all a customer needs to do is click the Load Promo Code button, and the discount will apply, if qualified.

  3. It is up to you to determine how many of your customers to tell, and how to tell them about the promotion code (e.g., public note on home page, private e-mail campaign, biggest customers).

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