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How do I use the Mass Email feature?

First find the contacts you plan to send out your email campaign to.  You can select from the following:

  1. Customers 
  2. CRM Groups 
  3. CRN Contacts

To send a mass email to site customers, visit Admin > Orders and you can initiate a search to target customers that the email will be sent to.

On the left column, click on Mass Email.  Here you can send an email to the resulting searched items

From here, you can customize the Mass Email, by setting a date and time to send the email.

  • Number of Emails to Send = shows the number of emails that will be sent.
  • From = shows the displayed email address of the email.
  • Subject = here you can input the content that you want to be displayed in the subject of the email.
  • Message = here you can input the message content that will be in the body of the email. If you want to make a unique email message for this email, then you can input the message data directly into the Message Field
    • HTML box is checked, then the message should be written in HTML code. 
    • HTML box is not checked, the message should be written in standard text.
  • Group Message = If you have a predesignated email message, you can select a message the "Choose A Message" drop-down list, which is located below the message field, and both the "Message" field and the "HTML" box will be automatically filled out to the preset specifications.
  • Schedule to Send = you can click the calendar icon (highlighted in blue) to easily select a date and time to send the email.

When complete, click Send


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