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How do I set up tax rates?

On the Store Manager, click on "Site Info" from the links on the top bar, and then click on "State Tax" (highlighted in red). From here, you can input the tax rates for all states, counties, and cities within the United States. You can also configure taxes for the various Provinces/Territories in Canada. Click on the writing pencil icon (highlighted in blue) to view and set up taxes for the counties and cities within the corresponding state (e.g., California). In the "Tax Rate" column (highlighted in red below), you can input the value of the percentage of tax for the area (e.g., "7.75" corresponds to 7.75 %). The setting for a location becomes the default tax rate for any sub-areas that it contains (e.g., all counties and cities in California will have a tax rate of 7.75 % by default), so you only need to change tax rates when they are different for sub-areas. Note: It is recommended to consult with your accountant to make sure this is set up right.

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