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How do I edit site message email campaigns?

To edit or personalize site messages and notification emails that are sent to customers,

Visit Admin > Configuration > Site Message

To edit a site message – select a site message and click on the site message name. This will open the site message.

To customize and insert unique customer-specific dynamic elements within each message, select an element from the Insert into Message drop-down list.

After selecting an element, click Insert.

Elements inserted, such as First Name, will automatically be replaced by the first name of the customer that the email is sent to.

Below, you can assign your site message to a Site Message Group:

A list of Dynamic Elements Code Tags are shown below your site message. You can use these codes to insert into the message to include the various features.

When complete, click Update or Add


For information on customizing site messages, refer to the Knowledge Base article - How do I setup site messages and notification emails that are sent to customers?.

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