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How do I notify the customer from an order?

Visit Admin > Orders (tab)

On the left column, under Order (heading) click on List

Click on the Order Number, to view the order invoice.

From here, you can check the Notify Customer box at the bottom of the page, which will allow you to compose a email to the customer and attach the order invoice

  • To: To field will default to the user email address
  • From: From field is the general email address setup for your store. This is editable.
  • Cc: Cc field, you can designate other email addresses that will also receive the message and invoice.
  • Bcc: Bcc can be setup to add the same email address as "From", which allows the sending email address to view the sent message and invoice.
  • Subject: here you can input the content that you want to be displayed in the subject of the email.
  • Message: the message field, you can input the message content that will be in the body of the email. If you have a pre-designated email message, you can select a message the "Choose A Message" drop-down list and in this case, both the "Message" field and the "HTML" box will be automatically filled out to the preset specifications. If you want to make a unique email message for this email, then you can input the message data directly into the "Message Field". If there is HTML in this message, check the "HTML" box
  • HTML: If checked, the email will be sent using Html design layout. Leave unchecked if you would like the message to be sent as raw text.

Send The Message: To update any changes to the order and send the message, click on the "Update Status" button.

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