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How do I email the order invoice to the customer?

On the Store Manager, go to "Orders", and from "List", select an order, which is done by clicking its number in the "Order Number" column, and you can view the order invoice. From here, you can check the "Notify Customer" box at the bottom of the page, which will allow you to compose a email to the customer and attach the order invoice. For more information, refer to the FAQ "How do I notify the customer from an order?" Another method, which is described in-depth on this FAQ, is to move the cursor over the email icon, which is located near the top of the invoice page, and click "Email Invoice". From here you can customize the invoice email, which automatically attaches the invoice. The data to the right of "Invoice#" is the invoice number of the order. The data to the right of "From" is the email address that is displayed in the "From" section of the email. Note: To change this data, see the FAQ "How do I edit the site contact email addresses that send and receive customer notifications?" Although the "To" field should automatically show the customer's email address, you can edit the email address of the recipient. The data to the right of "Bcc" displays the same email address as "From", which allows the sending email address to view the sent message and invoice. From the "Cc" field, you can designate other email addresses that will also recieve the message and invoice. From the "Subject" field, you can input the content that you want to be displayed in the subject of the email. From the "Message" field, you can input the message content that will be in the body of the email. If you have a predesignated email message, you can select a message the "Choose A Message" drop-down list, which is located below the message field, and, in this case, both the "Message" field and the "HTML" box will be automatically filled out to the preset specifications. If you want to make a unique email message for this email, then you can input the message data directly into the "Message Field". If the "HTML" box is checked, then the message should be written in HTML code. If the "HTML" box is not checked, the message should be written in standard text. When complete, click "Send", which is located on the bottom left of the page.

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