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How do I edit the sales tag for multiple products (i.e., add or remove sales tags)?

On the Store Manager, click on "Catalog" (highlighted in red) and click on "List" under "Products" (highlighted in blue), or use "Search" to view products from a certain category. From here, check the box to the left of products that you want to apply or remove a sales tag to (highlighted in green). To instantly select all the products in the list, check the box on the top left in the product bar. You can use the drop-down list on the bottom right of the page to select to view up to 500 products per page. Note: If you want to edit the sales tag for more than 500 products, simply click "Next" on the top right to go to the next page(s), and edit the same category ID(s), until all products have been associated to the hidden category. From the "Sales Tag Code" drop-down list, you can select a sales tag that you have created, and click "Apply" (highlighted in orange) to set this sales tag for all products that have been checked. To remove the sales tag from products, simply apply the "No Sales Tag" option to those products. After successfully applying the sales tag, you should see the name of sales tag you just activated in the "SalesTag Code" column (examples highlighted in yellow).

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