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How do I duplicate a product?

There may come occasions where you need to add in a new size of a product or a new color. What better way than to add it into the system other than by duplicating it. It is a sure way that all product information stays uniform across children products.



Copy and paste the SKU you are trying to duplicate and go to your product list.

Click Add Product

Above the list of products, their is a link called Options. Click on Options, and an input box will appear that shows Load SKU.

Paste the SKU that you would like to copy into the input box.  Click load SKU.

All the product data will load (populate) from that SKU.  Now you will have a product identical to that SKU.  All that is left to do is amend the data as necessary.

You can also use the Excel file to copy or duplicate SKU data into another SKU. Simply copy one row and insert it into another. Change the SKU number and any other appropriate data from the new row(s). Also, when duplicating products using the Excel file, not all of the product characteristics are copied, but at least you have the base..

For further information, refer to the KB article How do I export the product information Excel file?.

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