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How do I create and customize a Promotion?



Visit Admin > Sales/Promos

Next, on the left column click on Promotions and then click the Add Promotion button, located on the bottom left of the page.

From here, you can customize and set the duration of the promotion.

Code – here you can input the promotion code that the customer can use during checkout.

One Time Use Per Customer – if the box is checked, then the promotion code can only be used once by a customer.

One Time Use Only – if the box is checked, then the promotion code will only work one time.

Discount – the discount field allows for either percentage off or fixed dollar amount off the price. (Maximum is 100% for percentage) 

Minimum Order – input a dollar amount here. This will be the minimum order threshold for your promotion to be applicable.  (Example: $100 – The promo code will be applicable if you spend $100 or more.  Or, you can leave the field blank, or enter $0, if you would like no minimum order amount).S

Start / End Date –   select a starting and an ending date for the promotion from the dropdown menus, or click the calendar icon to the right to easily select the times and dates.  Note: A start/end date must be selected for promo code to be applicable. 

HTML Code – enter custom html code here

Discount Type – here you can select by to apply the discount by Order, Shipping or Product

When complete, click Add button



How To Use The Promo Code:

Once this promo code is set up, the customers can input the code at order checkout.  They will receive the discount, if the following parameters are met (e.g., minimum order amount is achieved, eligible date, one time use per customer).

For example, the screenshot below displays "ABC" in this field in the Preliminary Invoice page of the checkout process.  From here all a customer needs to do is click the "Load Promo Code" button, and the discount will apply, if qualified.

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