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How do I create a group of products that will be on sale?

The following steps are ideal if you plan to have a group of manually added products that will be on sale during different times. These products would be grouped in a new category, and you could easily activate and change Sales Tags for them.

  1. Create the Sales Tag. (For help on this step, see the FAQ "How do I add a Sales Tag?")
  2. Create a Category (for example, call it "Featured Products"). (For help on this step, see the FAQ "How do I add a category?")
  3. Assign the Category ID from the "Featured Products" category to the products that you want to put in the group. (For help on this step, see FAQs "How do I associate individual products to categories?" or "How do I edit Category IDs of multiple products at once (from the Store Manager)?" in the "Product Manager FAQ Group)
  4. Apply the Sales Tag Code to all products in the category. (For reference, see the FAQ, "How do I apply a Sales Tag to multiple products?")

Now you can easily change and deactivate the Sales Tag, or add more products to this group.

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