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How do I configure the layout and display options for a category or subcategory?

Visit Admin > Catalog > Categories

Select an existing category or sub-category that you wish to edit or click Add Category

From the Layout (tab), you can customize many aspects of the layout for the selected category.

Page settings and descriptions

  • Product / Page: here you can select the number of products per page. This will determine how many products will show on page one. Further products will show on additional pages
  • Layout: here you can select a predesignated layout for the category.
  • Subcategory Levels: here you can select to display subsequent levels of subcategories (e.g., selecting "2" will show the names of sub-sub-categories in the list).
  • Subcategory Columns: here you can select the number of columns that sub-categories will be listed in.
  • Sub Category Location: here you can select whether you want to display the list of subcategories to be either above or below the HTML code.
  • Sub Category Display:
  • Display Mode: here you can choose a predesignated display mode for the products within the category.
  • Display Mode Grid:
  • Left Bar:
    • Hide: box to the right of "Left Bar", then the left bar of the page will be hidden.
    • Show Sub Categories: box to the right of "Left Bar", then the subcategories will be shown in the left bar of the page, and the category will be made as a department.
  • Show Full Width: select yes or no
  • Hide Header:  select yes or no
  • Hide Top Bar: select yes or no
  • Hide Right Bar: select yes or no
  • Hide Footer: select yes or no
  • Hide Breadcrdumbs: select yes or no
  • Head Tag: here you can input the content of the head tag of the page

To save and finish, click Update or Add Category, which are located at the bottom left of the page.

You may want to experiment with different layout configurations to determine which you prefer.


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