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How do I add customer fields?

How do I add or setup additional fields in the customer registration form?

Visit Admin > Customer.

Go to Actions and click on Fields.

From here, you can setup and add customer fields. These fields can be used to ask questions during the customer registration process.  You can also use these fields to show on the invoice or quote.  In addition, you can use them for internal use and data collection. 

  • Enabled – check this to enable the field.  It will be active on the site.
  • Required – check this to make the field mandatory and required to be answered to complete the customer registration process.  If this box is not checked, then the field is optional.
  • Event Registration – this will show under event registration
  • Public – check this to enable the field to appear on the front-end, for a customer to answer when they are signing up.  If you want to have a field that the customer does not see during registration, you should enable the field but NOT make it public.  In this scenario, you could input information in this customer field from the Customer Manager, such as notes for your reference, without the customer able to view this field.
  • Show on Invoice – checking this will allow the field to show on the front end invoice created by the customer
  • Show on Quote – checking this will allow the field to show on the front end quote
  • Field Type – Text or Date. Select setting for text field or date field
  • Multi Store – If you website contains multi-stores, you can select from a dropdown menu, which multi store to assign this field to show 
  • Name – The name you input here will show as the name of your question, and will show next to the input box.
  • Pre Value – here you input preset values for the customer to choos from. If you leave this field blank, the customer is free to input their own data.

For Promo Websites – Fields 34 thru 50 are user editable. All other fields are reserved for the feed and will be overwritten if used.

Make sure to separate all pre values with a comma, and do not put any spaces before or after commas.

The following animation displays how the above example would look to a customer registering a new account on your website.

You can also input data into any fields that are not checked public. For example, you can add notes on a customer for reference.

For example, if Field 5 (birthday), ‘is checked’ enabled, but ‘not checked’ public, the field will not show on the front of the site for the customer to input data too. The admin can see this field on the backend of the admin, and can input notes on the customer for this field. 

The admin can input the data (birthdate) here, under pre value (below).  This data recordation, for this example, could be used to send out birthday emails to the customer. 

To save and finish, click Update Customer 

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