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How do I change an order status to shipped?

First, find the order you would like to update

Visit Admin > Orders (tab) > Orders.

Click on the Order Number, to view the order invoice.

Second, update the status

You can update the order status by selecting a choice from the Status drop-down menu:

  • Pending
  • Processing
  • Shipped
  • Canceled

Partially Generated Orders

WebJaguar will automatically generate the Packing List as soon as a new order is received. (that's why you see a green background on quantity).

However, as soon as the Packing List is partially generated, you will see some restrictions on changing the order status.

If you edit the order and add a new item line, you will see a white background for the new added line item. At this moment, you will no longer see the Shipped or Canceled status. Now you will need to generate a packing list for the newly added line item. You need to fully generate the Packing List, so that the system lets you change the status to shipped or canceled.

As soon as the packing list is fully generated, you will see a green background in Quantity, and you will be allowed to change the status to shipped or canceled from the drop-down menu to the right of Status (see screenshot below).

If you have an order with multiple packing lists, and you cannot change its status, delete all of the packing lists. Then create a new packing list. Now if you go back to the order, you will see a green background on quantity, and you will be able to change its status.

For more information, refer to the KB article How do I notify the customer from an order?.

After changing the status, you can check the Notify Customer box, which open up settings and fields for sending a message to the customer.

When complete, click on Update Status, which is located on the bottom of the page

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