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How do I batch upload my product database by exporting and importing an Excel file?

This feature is very easy to setup from the Admin. Follow these simple steps: EXPORT, EDIT AND IMPORT. Below are detailed steps:

  1. Set up Product Fields
  2. Tip!
    For more information on Product Fields, view KB article How To Setup Product Fields?.
  3. Export the Product Excel File from the Admin
  4. Tip2!
    For more information, view KB article How To Export Product Excel File?.
  5. Set up your product info on the Product Excel File
  6. Crop, Optimize For Web and upload product images via FTP. Also assign product image file paths to the Product Excel File
  7. Upload the Product Excel File
  8. Tip3!
    For more information, view KB article How To Import Product Excel File?.

If you already have products listed and product fields set up, just export, update, and upload the file.


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