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How do I add a purchase order from the purchase order tab?

Visit the Admin > Purchase Order. Click Add Purchase Order


Here you can customize the purchase order information

If you do not see any suppliers to choose from, you must first add in suppliers..

  • Supplier: You can select the supplier to send the purchase order to
  • PO Number: Here you can input a string of alphanumeric text for the purchase order
  • Order By: This field will usually show Admin if created by you as store admin
  • Ship Via: Select from the drop-down list, to choose the shipping method
  • Supplier Invoice#: Input the invoice number of the order
  • Shipping Quote: Input the quote for shipping
  • Shipping Number:
  • Shipping Method and Instructions:
  • Account Number: Payment Instructions:
  • Flag1: Select from the drop-down list, you can whether or not you want to flag the order

    Here you can input a note for the purchase order..

When complete, click the button Next Step, which is located on the bottom left of the page. You will be able to go back and edit this information from the next step.


From here you can:

  • verify the addresses
  • contact information
  • add SKUs to the purchase order

In the Supplier and Ship To fields, you can verify:

  • company
  • contact information

In the table below, you can:

  • add
  • remove
  • view products
  • edit their quantities

From the drop-down list in the SKU column, you can select:

  • SKU of the product that you want to add
  • then click Add SKU to add the SKU

Once the product is added to the table, then you can:

  • check the remove box
  • edit its quantity
  • price per item
  • or the total price
  • then click Update to update the information.

When you are complete, click Save Change.

To update the status and send an email to the supplier, you need to go back to the order and click through to step two. From the table on the bottom of the page, select the status from the drop-down list in the Status column. Check the Send Email box

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