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How do I add a customer?

Visit Admin > Customers (tab).  

Click on the Add Customer under Actions button.

From here, you can input various customer data within the tabbed sections: 

  • Email Address and Password
  • Customer Information
  • Customer Fields
  • Options
  • Affiliate
  • Supplier
  • Loyalty
  • Note
  • Mark Up
  • Order Limit


Email Address and Password Tab 

Insert the following information:

  • Email Address
  • New Password
  • Confirm Password

Customer Information Tab

  • First/Last Name
  • Address (through to the Zip Code)
  • Phone
  • If they are with a company input this (not required)
  • Delivery type (if known)
  • Allow to edit Billing/Shipping
    • Do you want them to be able to edit their address info?  If so, check this box.

Options Tab

  • Payment Options
    • Immediate = Credit Card
    • Do they have Terms set up with your company, if so, select from the drop down 
  • Sales Rep
    • Which Sales Rep are they assigned to?
  • In Group
    • Select the Group or Groups they are part of. 
    • This might be a Company Store Group, a Payment Terms Group, or a Group used to offer sales and promotions.
  • If you have a “Primary Group” option this is to denote which Groups rules take precedence 
  • Multistore Host - What site are they assigned to (where are they allowed to login?)

To save and finish, click Add Customer

For more information on customer data, refer to the Knowledge Base category for Customer Manager.

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