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How do gift cards and certificates work?

Gift Cards / Certificates online are a very effective sales tool and are simple for your customers to use. With the Gift Cards / Certificates feature, your customers can send Gift Cards / Certificates to anyone, giving them a certain amount of money to use towards purchasing your products.

To test the Gift Cards / Certificates feature,

Login as a customer and visit the My Account page

For instructions, view KB article How do I log in as a customer?.

Next, scroll down to the Gift Card section and click on Buy a Gift Card

The customer can fill out various fields, such as:

  • Amount of the gift card
  • Amount of the gift card (required)
  • To and From Recipient data (required)
  • Email address (required)
  • Message (optional)

Click Next to enter billing information.

For this example shown below, purchase amount values are limited from $5 to $500. For instructions on how you can easily change this, view KB article, How do I change the purchase amount limit for gift cards certificates?.

To view your customers' orders, that were placed using gift card or certificates

Click on Admin > Sales/Promos > Gift Card

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