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How can I target specific audiences using WebJaguar's CRM?

Having the ability to filter based on pieces of data is a great way to reach out to certain audiences. On WebJaguar, you are able to quickly and easily filter down to different fields of contact data to find those audiences. In this article you will learn how to filter contacts to reach out to certain audiences in mass email blasts.

All that applies to the contact mass email also applies to the customer mass email.

Visit Admin > CRM > Contacts

This will bring you to your contact list. Notice on the left bar, there are several filters that now appear as seen in the image below.

You can use any of these filters to narrow down your contact list results. 

Next to account name you will notice a box with an arrow on it. Click on this box and a search (fly out) box will display that allows you to use dates to sort through by when they became a contact of yours. 

You can apply the Advanced Search timeframe (Start/End) to any of the fields on the left, such as:
  • Account name
  • Contact name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • CRM Group
  • Etc…

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