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How can I perform an filtered order search?

Visit Admin > Orders

On the left column, click on List.

Here you can click on the small arrow, to open a flyout menu to perform additional search filtering on all orders, including by phone and zip code.


You can filter your search results by the following:

Multi Store:  If your website is using our Multi-Store feature, you can filter by which Multi-Store to search

Status:  Here you can filter by the following Order Status

  • Pending
  • Processing
  • Pending + Processing
  • Processing + Shipped
  • Partially Shipped
  • Amazon Ready To Ship
  • Processing + Amazon Ready To Ship
  • Shipped
  • Cancelled
  • All Orders (not canceled)

Sub Status:

  • No Sub Status
  • Accounting
  • Backordered
  • Change Order
  • Declined
  • Holding
  • No Payment
  • Status 1

Sub Status GroupYou can designate customer groups here

Sales Rep:  here you can select by Sales Rep

Processed By:  here you can select by who processed the order

Order Type:

  • Walk-In
  • Email
  • Internet
  • Phone
  • Other

Order #: - filter by order number

P.O.#: - filter by purchase order number

Bill To: - filter by bill to information

Ship To: - filter by ship to information

Email: - filter by email address

Company Name: - filter by company name

Rating 1: - filter by rating 1

  • Good
  • Average
  • Bad

Rating 2: - filter by rating 2 (1-10)

Description: - filter by description

Track Code: - filter by tracking code

Zip/Postal Code: - filter by zip code / postal code

Promo Code: - filter by promo code

Payment Method: - filter by payment method

Shipping Title: - filter by shipping title

Billing State: filter by billing state

Shipping State: - filter by shipping state

SKU: - filter by sku

Country: - filter by country

QB Order: - filter by QuickBooks order


You can also filter by Advanced Search, such as:

  • Order Date:
  • Ship Date:
  • Next Activity Date:
  • Requested Ship Date:


From the pre-selection above, you can also drill down your search by:

  • Start Date:
  • End Date:
  • Today:
  • Yesterday:
  • Week To Date:
  • Last 14 Days:
  • Month To Date:
  • Year To Date:
  • Flag 1:
  • Group:
  • Phone:
  • Sub Total:

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