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Creating a Web-To-Lead CRM form


Grow Your Revenue with highly personalized email campaigns

In the WebJaguar CRM module, we give the customer the tools to create:

  • Lead generation
  • Contact Form Builder
  • CRM management
  • Convert leads to customers
  • Distribute leads into the different sales teams members (internally)
  • And more…

Here in the Admin, under the CRM tab, we can manage:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Forms
  • Fields
  • Groups

If you are running an advertising campaign, such as a Google Adwords campaign or any other type, these campaigns are setup to generate leads, and these leads are directed to you. Traditionally leads come in the form of an email submission. That data has to be translated into your CRM. With WebJaguar, not only do form leads arrive via email to your inbox, they also are automatically submitted to your CRM database. If you receive dozens or hundreds of leads per day, it becomes a very large task to manually input user data.



First step is to setup a Form

Visit Admin > CRM > Forms

To learn how to create a CRM form, view the KB article How to create a CRM form?.

Once your form is created, the form code can be pasted onto any page on your website. You can also paste the form code onto a blog, etc…


Next Step, is to edit the hidden form fields, to track user feedback:

  • Track Code – enter a custom value here. The track code allows you to track specific campaigns or offers
  • Lead Source – enter a custom value here. This gives you the ability to understand where the lead came from. (Ex: form, signup, blog, sales campaign, etc…)
  • Group ID – enter the groupID value here. Your leads that signup using this form will automatically be assigned to this groupID

To learn more, view KB article How to take a CRM lead and convert to customer? .
  Tip: To learn more about group IDs, view KB article

Finally, embed (paste) the form code onto any website page on your site or add the code to an external blog.

Visit a category page and paste the form code into the HTML Code input box.

Update and save. You form will show on your page, as shown below:



Track form submissions:

  • Form data will be emailed to the form recipient
  • Form data will be stored automatically in the CRM > Contacts

All form leads, are collected into a generic account name called – Leads. These leads can be converted into CRM Accounts and Contacts.

To learn more, view KB article How to take a CRM lead and convert to customer? .

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