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Quick Start Guide

 Welcome to the Quick Start User Guide! This resource guide was created to help you quickly navigate and learn the advanced tools of WebJaguar's Store Admin. We also provide you helpful information on how to utilize Excel spreadsheets to efficiently manage your customer and product information. Click on any links below to get started!


WebJaguar Catalog Manager – Getting Started


Logging in to Your Site’s Admin 

Category Manager

Product Manager

Supplier Manager

Customer Manager

HTML Editor

Policy Manager

Site Info

Order Manager

Reports Manager 

Integration with Shipping Carriers

Shipping and Handling

  • “Handling Base” field
  • “Handling Incremental” field
  • Calculating Final Price
  • Shipping Promotions
  • Custom Shipping

Managing Sales Tags and Promotions

Access Privilege Manager



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Visit Admin > Customers (tab).   Click on the Add Customer under Actions button. From here, you can input various customer data within the tabbed sections:  Email Address and Password Customer Information Customer Fields Options Affiliate Sup...

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How do I add or setup additional fields in the customer registration form? Visit Admin > Customer. Go to Actions and click on Fields. From here, you can setup and add customer fields. These fields can be used to ask questions during the customer registration process.  You can also use...

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Visit Admin > Customer. Go to Actions > Fields. From here, you can view and edit customer fields: Enabled – check this to enable  Required – check this to make this field mandatory Event Registration – this will show under event registration P...

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You can easily export the category tree for the purpose of organizing and using the Category ID(s) for reference while building and assigning categories for your products.   Visit the Admin >  Catalog   On the left column, under Categories heading, click on Export   ...

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On the Store Manager, click on Site Info > Countries. From here, you can input the tax rates for all states, countries, and cities within the United States. You can also configure taxes for the various Provinces/Territories in Canada. Note: It is recommended to consult with your accountant...