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Faceted and Advanced Search Technology

Faceted Search / Advanced Search Filtering Technology

It's simple, if customers cannot find what they're looking for, they won't make a purchase and will leave your site for your competitors. With customers becoming more demanding and savvy than ever, advanced search capability is a great way to distinguish yourself from your competitor. Make it easy for your customers to shop.

WebJaguar's search technology understands your customer's search habits. It returns the most relevant search results, helping visitor locate items they are looking for. This way, your customers can quickly and efficiently find what they are looking for, thereby increasing sales while at the same time retaining customers.

WebJaguar advanced search technology is very easy to setup. You can determine what product attributes to activate for search filtering and for predictive search. The data is indexed nightly or on-demand. And since the data is indexed, the search on the front end is blazing fast.

WebJaguar search technology is actually very advanced. It is possible to index data separately for different customer groups, and this means pricing might appear differently depending on the customer.

Our intelligent search feature is just one of many that you can use to increase your online selling power. You'll want to learn more about the diverse and robust enterprise e-commerce solutions that are available.

Advanced Search Filtering Technology Features

  • Improve your customer user-experience
  • Save your customers time and give them the power to find what they want quickly and easily
  • Customize search results, and search that learns
  • Provide Faceted Search results and narrow search feature
  • Increase conversion and average order size
  • Refinement Flexibility including predictive search that learn

Results That Matter

WebJaguar search technology will improve the way your visitors shop on your site.

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